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“ha visto qualcosa di oscuro… è di se stesso che sta parlando”



Mr. HERZOG: […] The last encounter with a bear that kills him was probably an encounter where the bear sees a rival bear out there, because bears normally–grizzly bears do not attack human beings. It’s a very rare occurrence. But grizzly bears would kill each other and even eat each other. They are cannibalistic. So I believe it is an encounter–that lethal encounter moment where a grizzly bear acknowledged there’s another bear out there, a rival. Kill him. Eat him.

SIMON: And that was Timothy Treadwell.

Mr. HERZOG: That was–and Amie Huguenard. And it is a deep, deep human tragedy pervading the entire film. It’s not only the moment that they die. I think it’s a misconception of wild nature. It is everything that is not going right with the so-called Disneyization of wild nature, sentimentalizing wild nature, the New Age concept of wild nature–things going awry. And it’s a film that gives you more insight into our own nature than many other films that I’ve seen in a long time.

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