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qualcuno che abbiamo amato nei giorni più lunghi e più scuri


è andato via.

Songs:Ohia – UNTITLED #2
AA.VV. comes with a smile vol 8 [2001]

covered in the ash gray shade of the overhead track
ace of spades black in those chestnut browns
most of the way to over dose
looming dark, damp earth and deaths laid
wolf headed guests, let them in, all of them
they can all come right in at least their honest,
at least with me they have been
and i think how much you look like my sister
christ, it doesn’t take much, you look exactly like her
and you sense a gate of fire, we are all passing through
some of us wait ’til the end and some of us pass right through

death as it shook you
you gave it a fool’s look
you said I am an empty page to you
give me your hand give me you blood
don’t misunderstand
I once had all the words
I forgot all the words
held the binding lightning
began to burn away
we began to burn away
held the binding the lightning
began to burn away
the body burns away

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