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We’re the you inside of you. Subconscious Cruelty + Vinum Sabbathi



We come from your right.
We’re the you inside of you
that’s just waiting to reign.

eyes: Subconscious Cruelty – Karim Hussain, 2000
ears: Vinum Sabbathi – Electric Wizard, Dopethrone, 2000



It traps us in a monotonous, deadening cycle.
Engulfs our dreams and desires with innumerable obstacles that are laced with cruel irony.
We try to shadow these inescapable truths with such lies as cinema use it as a shield of escape.
A coating to shelter us from the ceaseless hardships thrown in our paths.
Certain films can attempt to absorb our negative energy in a hope that perhaps they can keep our darkest emotions at bay.
But unfortunately, flickering light can only pacify our demons for so long.
And human reality will eventually rear its ugly head.
Far more horrific than any film can attempt to portray.
I can see her.
She sleeps so calmly.

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